1. sam85 sam85:
    Hello, currently I would like to import olive oil from North Africa to Singapore. The olive oil that I am offering you is an organic extra virgin oil that has won several medals in international competitions. Bottles are available in 500ml or 1000ml. Available in large and small quantities. If you are interested, I can send you the product description and possibly offer you a tasting
  2. sam85 sam85:
    Coming from an exceptional terroir in North Africa, this extra virgin olive oil is naturally fruity and of incredible purity. A perfect blend that invites you on a journey that is both olfactory and gustatory. It is a monovarietal Chétoui oil with intense and unique aromas. Its slight taste of green almond, cut grass and its more or less pronounced bitterness depending on the range chosen, gives it an exceptional olive oil status. this oil is a family brand based on local human values and cont